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Building the foundations for improvement: How five UK trusts built quality improvement capability at scale within their organisations. Learning report

Jones B, Woodhead T London: The Health Foundation; 2015. p. 40.

URL http://www.health.org.uk/publications/building-the-foundations-for-improvement/


A ‘Learning Report’ from the UK’s Health Foundation that examines how five UK health trusts built quality improvement capability at scale in their organisations. The report offers an insight into how and why these trusts undertook these improvement efforts, the impact they achieved and the challenges they encountered. The report also identifies some key lessons from the trusts’ improvement journeys which it is hoped will be useful for other organisations that are considering building improvement capability at scale. It also provides a useful checklist of points for organisations to consider before planning, designing and delivering an improvement capability building programme.

The key lessons include:

• Getting early board-level support is essential

• Organisations need to think carefully about how they will fund improvement capability programmes

• Organisations need to find ways of freeing up staff time to take part in training

• Commissioners need to do more to support organisations developing improvement capability building programmes

• Arm’s length bodies need to give organisations the time and space to develop and embed their quality improvement programmes.


Another key lesson could be that it is important to understand your own setting and context as simply ‘transplanting’ what may have worked elsewhere is usually insufficient for success.




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